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Our Story

Our History

The Village Retirement Center was built in 1963 as the fulfillment of a vision of some Seventh-day Adventist businessmen in the Pacific Northwest. It has served seniors of this community ever since, filling a need in the area for reasonably priced, not-for-profit senior housing.

In 1973, the ‘Villa North’ section was added to The Village family to serve the needs of those looking for smaller units.

In 1990 The Village added its Prestige Living option, offering three meals a day and some housekeeping services for those living in the Prestige area.

In 2006, The Village added the Redwoods – seven apartments with larger floor plans and extra amenities.

In 2011, The Village combined all of the areas as one operation in service to Seniors from around the United States and around the world.

Today The Village covers 15 acres and offers a total of 157 apartments.

Our Vision Statement

The outlook of The Village for the future is reflected in its vision statement:

We who serve here are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment within a well-maintained campus of independent homes.

To fulfill that vision, The Village has remodeled most of the units on its campus within the last 12 years. They offer modern amenities and additional ADA options. Sidewalks are being upgraded and improvements are constantly being made. The vision has transformed The Village into a modern center for Senior Living.

Our Values

At The Village Retirement Center, we strive to operate under the following values in all that we do: 

A.  Christian Compassion:  Demonstrating to all we serve; grace, mercy, and tender love as reflected in the philosophy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

B.  Financial Responsibility:  Maintaining honest, competent, and ethical financial practices.

C.  Communication:  Providing forthright,  open, and direct dialogue.

D.  Creativity:   Pursuing innovative solutions, creative ideas, and ongoing improvements.

E.  Servant Leadership:  Leading with consideration, care, and service throughout the organization.

F.  Respect:  Honoring both residents and staff by maintaining high professional standards of conduct.

G.  Dignity:  Valuing each person throughout the aging process.

H.  Enrichment:  Providing an environment and activities that foster joy and fulfillment.

I.  Customer Satisfaction:  Providing excellent service that exceeds expectations.

The Village looks forward to continuing its service to seniors and their families for generations to come.

It is the mission of The Village Retirement Center to provide a community of homes serving retirement-age residents in a pleasant, caring Christian environment.

One of the ways of fulfilling that mission is to provide opportunities for residents to pursue their interests and activities.  Whether it be volunteering to assist neighbors or the community, or sharing your expertise and experience with other residents, there are many opportunities to be involved.  The Village also employs residents in specific areas when residents are qualified and interested.
As part of our service and our legacy, The Village realizes that living with purpose is important to everyone. We promote volunteering and service not only in our community but also in the community around us. We feel that everyone can be of service to others in some way.