2 bedroom 1 bath units

Right now our smallest waiting list is for our 2 bedroom, 1 bath units.  If you are interested in that style of unit, please contact us right away.  This is a great opportunity to get in without waiting as long.  We still have a very long wait for our one bedroom and two bedroom/two bath units.  

Apply Now for future openings

As frequently happens we have limited availability of certain styles of our apartments.  Please contact us to see what a wonderful place this is and check on availability.  We encourage you to put your name on our waiting list so the unit you want will be available when you are ready to move.  We fill our apartments from our waiting lists first.  Call now to make an appointment!


Check out our Transportation Options

We are happy to have the best senior transportation services equipment available


Meet our residents

Here are some links to some news articles that have featured our residents or The Village in Media. 

Imer Henry  –  The Portland Tribune


Imer Henry  –  The Gleaner –  August, 2014

Aug 2014 Gleaner


Russ Sichley –  The Gresham Outlook

Outlook Russ Sichley 10-13

Russ Sichley  –  The Gleaner –  March 2019


Veterans Day 2019 article featuring Merritt Kelsay and Russell Sichley



The Village Retirement Center  –  50th Anniversary  –  The Gresham Outlook

Gresham Outlook article on The Village






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