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As frequently happens we have limited availability of our apartments.  Please contact us to see what a wonderful place this is and check on availability.  We encourage you to put your name on our waiting list so the unit you want will be available when you are ready to move.  We fill our apartments from our waiting lists first.  Call now to make an appointment!


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We are happy to have the best senior transportation services equipment available


The Village Rates

      Reduced Monthly   Regular Monthly  
  Prepaid Rent   Service Fee   Service Fee  
   Willow $5,300.00   $635.00   $819.00  
One Bedrooms            
   Alder $6,100.00   $723.00   $934.00  
   Ash $6,500.00   $763.00   $986.00  
   Aspen $6,700.00   $790.00   $1,022.00  
       Aspen II $7,000.00   $824.00   $1,066.00  
   Blue Cedar $8,300.00   $965.00   $1,250.00  
Two Bedrooms            
   Dogwood $8,900.00   $1,039.00   $1,347.00  
   Hemlock $10,300.00   $1,194.00   $1,550.00  
   Juniper $10,700.00   $1,234.00   $1,602.00  
   Maple $11,200.00   $1,288.00   $1,673.00  
   Oak $11,900.00   $1,376.00   $1,787.00  
   Pine $13,800.00   $1,584.00   $2,060.00  
   Redwood $16,400.00   $1,872.00   $2,439.00  
Prestige Living            
One Bedroom $2,500.00   $1,795.00   $2,121.00  
  Two People $2,500.00   $2,365.00   $2,672.00  
Additional Fees:            
Carport  25.00          
R.V. Parking 50.00          
Garage 50.00          
Cafeteria billed as used          
Housekeeping billed as used          
          eff. 1/18  

Residents have the option of choosing between our two different payment plans.   Those who choose the Prepaid Rent will pay the reduced monthly service plan rates  for the length of their tenancy at The Village.  All rates are subject to change and are adjusted annually.    Rate increases usually average between 3% and 5%.  Those who choose the regular monthly service fee will be charged first and last month’s rent and a Security deposit at move-in.

Please be sure to contact us with any questions regarding our rate schedule.


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